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Price & Payment

Clipping Path Android is a professional photo treatment company.  (CPA) provides all kind of image processing services and vector conversion with satisfaction job quality. Price depends on the quantity and complexity of image and one job is not equivalent with other jobs so it is totally impossible to give the exact cost for a job that is why we request you to send files and ask for quotation. After reviewing your files and requirement, we’ll try to give you very cheap price. Although the basic clipping path service price started at   $0.39 USD per image.

You are not sure what could be the price for your photo treatment, how long we will take to return the completed images, then please send a quotation request. We will get back the accurate price and turnaround time within couple of hours. Clipping Path Android is an online image editing company as a result you will get us around 24 hours.

if you have any further question please feel free to contract with us by sending an email:

Clipping Path: $0.49
Image Masking: $0.99
Image Manipulation: $1.19
Image Retouching: $0.99
Color Correction: $1.99
Mirror/Reflection Shadow: $0.99
Drop Shadow: $0.75 
Photo Editing: $1.99
Image Enhancement: $2.00
Color/ multi path: $1.49
Vector Conversion: $3.00

In this pricing is just to have rough idea and starting prices. If you need more extra and any other service, we prefer to provide with realistic prices up down reviewing your jobs.